Saturday, October 4, 2008

*Volleyball Games*

White Team performed at the volleyball game last night, me and jordan on the team went to watch them. my camera was being weird so i didnt get alot of pictures but here are some. also i just took some pictures of what happends at our volleyball games! GO UVU!

WilLY took my camera and was taking pictures with the crowd! Gotta love willy
This is green team this morning performing at the saturday game. we performed carly's our coaches dance- hip hop A bunch of us all went dancing after the Game Last night. It was so much fun!

And Here is THe Famous UVU Girls Volleyball Team! Fighting to win the game *CheeRleaderS*

Well Thats pretty much How our Games go! they are alot of fun, if you dont go you need to come and support our teams! and also cheer on the UVDT dance team!!! THE dance team is going to be having a halloween part here pretty soon, and ill update some pictures from our party in our costumes! its going to be exciting! GO, FIGHT, UVU!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calling all UVDT ALUMNI!

If you have been a member of the UVSC or UVU Dance Team please leave a comment on our blog so we can start to add you to our list of Alumni. We are hoping to have a UVDT Alumni Reunion during our concert this year which is March 12th-14th, 2009. We will let you know more details as it gets closer. Can't wait to hear from you!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Green Team had they're game last night! It was a blast, Jordan our dance captain was the only vetrian there with us. ha the other 9 of us were rookies you could tell we were all so nervous and didnt know what to expect or what to do. But in the end we pulled it off. everyone was coming up to us and telling us how wounderful we looked out there and they were amazed! ha it felt so good that our first game wasnt a disaster! the crowd loved us and cheered for us each time were on the floor. The experience of this was really fun.

We performed for 2 time outs, and 1 half time. our first time out was great, ashley our caoch said that we looked good. so that was a relief haha. then we were all waiting in the back for half time. we thought that we had to go out when our team scored 29. and on the clock we were at 22, so we were practicing, then the next thing you know we hear "THE UVU DANCE TEAM" everyone!! hahahhahha we were like WHAT! so we ran into our line and walked out. ha it went good though. we also had to help do a little game there. the crowd stood on one side of the net and we stood on the other.on our side there were like 10 boxes i think and under them they had prizes you could win. the crowd had to throw the volleyballs over the net and hit the boxes. that was fun.

so we got our first game out of the way, and the nervous should be gone! i was really excited and now im even more excited about this year. I cant wait for all the fun memories, games, and girl on this team! i also love carly and ashley to death, they are the best coaches! THANK YOU COACHES FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US- WE LOVE YOU!

some pictures from the greem team at the 1st volleyball game! oh by the way we also wond the game!!! :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Whats Been Happening With The New 08-09 Dance Team

Hello, this is Jacqui Kimball i am on the UVDT spirit sqaud this year, i am also an officer on the team. I am the new Historian...i was asked to do a blog and keep track of all of our fun outtings, get togethers, and put pictures of us on here. also let people know what we are up too. i am very excited about this. Carlie and Ashley our coaches will also be blogging and updating this with me. we hope you all whoever looks at our blog ill enjoy it and come and support us!!! GO UVU!!

During the summer we had the chance of being in pretty much every parade there is in Utah it feels like. we were in the: Orem SummerFest, Springville, Strawbeery Days, The Salt Lake parade, Lehi Days. i might have missed some but there were many we were in. We also got the chance to go to vegas and go to the NDA dance camp in july. We also got a Half-Bid for Nationals, that we competed for and Kicked Butt at it! :) Here are some picture i have so far of our team. Hope you enjoy them!!!

Some Of us girls, at the SummerFest Parade in Orem: Megan, Kelsy,Jacqui,Valarie,Tara,Kelsi, and Danica.